Favorites 2015.

We all fall down.

Welcome to the chronicles of my Quest for the SuperPower of Interesting!

If you’re new here and only have time to read a post or three, here are my top three favorite posts from 2015:

If you’re really curious and want to follow the entire journey, start at the first post and click Next at the end of each post.

Or, here are all my favorites from 2015:

We’ll start at the beginning when I was inspired by a talk by James Whittaker and decided I wanted to become more interesting.

My career was definitely not interesting, so I quit my job.

I decided that Hot Chai Productions was much more interesting, despite evidence to the contrary.

I started a series on public restrooms and then decided to go camping instead.

I started a business selling plants on the street and wrote some apps for a startup called InKlood, which I didn’t blog about because I was under NDA.

I left Seattle and moved into Hotel Prius.

I crashed a Mormon performance in Utah and got my heart broken in the Little Painted Desert.

I felt a connection with ancient humans while experiencing Homolovi I and the nearby petroglyphs.

I visited Old Oraibi and pursued my lifelong dream of exploring a cliff dwelling.

I arrived in North Carolina just in time to rescue my sister.

I drove to Iowa, met Henry & Ila, snuck a photo of Amish schoolteachers, wrangled some turkeys, and later stuffed them into cages for Thanksgiving butchery.

A spurious text message led to the most uncomfortable night ever and eventually the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I ate everything in New York Thity in one night and got my butt kicked in a game of street chess.

I toppled like a tree in Hilton Head and wrecked Hotel Prius in Charlotte.

And then there was that time when Eve called my bluff and I ended up in Malta.

Which brings us to 2016!

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