Hot Chai Productions is interesting.


Today was my first day at my new job as a full-time entrepreneur for Hot Chai Productions, LLC!

Hot Chai Productions has some really great benefits like empowering employees to be creative without limits and giving them full latitude to turn their software dreams into reality.

The founder and CEO is a really great guy (me), as is the designer, the product manager, and the developer (me, me, and also me).

Sometimes we’re not so sure about the tester with the attitude (me) and the slightly-off sales and marketing guy (me again), but most days we all get along well enough.

We don’t have a CFO at the moment. The thing is, we barely make enough money to pay for coffee for the lot of us. We figure that a CFO would be less than pleased with this situation and would, upon asking for the books and finding out that there are none, immediately run for the hills or at least a more sensible enterprise.

We all agree that we’d really like a CFO someday (and maybe the occasional pastry), so our mission is to start making some money. Hopefully we can do this before we’re all out on the street fishing for our coffee with that cardboard sign our graphic artist (me) has been working on over there in the corner. (Pessimist.)

Does this officially make me a starving artist?

I think so!



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