MerleFest Hat Trick.

Four days on stage crew at Merlefest.

Stage Crew.

I just finished my first night on the volunteer stage crew at Merlefest.

Hello the States.

Man, it's nice to have the right passport.

Goodbye Malta.

So what to do on your last day in Malta?

Sword or Cross?

So what'll it be?

Stone Cold Typo.

I couldn't help but notice there was a typo right in the center of the stone inscription.

Wanted in Malta.

So now I'm officially an illegal worker in Malta.

Celebration of the Macabre.

Malta is full of rather gruesome old churches and cathedrals.

From Dust I Will Return.

What to do now that the Happy Hive is closed and my return flight isn't for another 3 weeks?

The Happy Business Plan.

I had a lot to learn when I landed in Malta.