Baby Root has interesting pots.


Last weekend I stood with H in front of the Baby Root booth at the Mill Creek Festival talking to hundreds of people about air plants, succulents, cactus, and hand-made concrete pots.

I heard a voice from heaven speak to me and say, “I like your dodecahedrons.”

I looked up and saw a man on stilts looking down on me with a smile.

“What about this one?”, I said.

“An icosahedron”, he replied.

What? A guy on stilts with knowledge of the Platonic solids?

How did I get to this point in my life?

Well, I’ll tell you all about it while I’m roaming the country in Hotel Prius starting next month!



  1. So, I’ve been following this interesting blog and then you stopped posting, and now it’s a month between posts, and not once have you told us how you let H crawl back into your life or why she’s now hanging out with you at booths. Do be interesting and enlighten us all.


    • Hi! I’m still hanging out at booths with H and barely a moment to myself. But I assure you that I’ll be back to tell you more! I thought I would be off on my solitary adventure by now, but it’s been delayed another month after which I’ll be drowning this blog in posts once again. Btw, I was very flattered that you referred to this blog as “interesting” until I remembered that’s literally the name of the blog. So now I’m not sure, but I choose to be flattered anyway. Thanks! -D

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