Path of the Rattlesnake.


While at Homolovi State Park, I walked the Tsu’vö (Path of the Rattlesnake) trail to search out petroglyphs created around 500 AD.

No signs. No other people. No idea how to find said petroglyphs.

I walked with one eye scanning for rattlesnakes, and the other for petroglyphs that the ranger at the visitor center had told me were very faint and whether or not you could spot them depended on the light.

It took me a while, but I eventually spotted this one.

There was no published interpretation, but it’s clearly a balloon.

“George, are you doodling on the walls again? Why is your head always in the clouds? Get back here and grind some corn.”

I for one appreciate your dreams, George.

Dreams of a future more than a thousand years hence, where brightly colored balloons bring joy to all who behold them.

Dream on, George.

Dream on.


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