The Metagame.

Yesterday I released my latest game, Connect/Words, to the resounding sound of silence.

A Succinct Dictionary.

For the past few years, I've been writing and rewriting user interface (UI) code over top of the same client-service logic that I wrote aroundĀ five years ago. First at coffee shops before and after work, and now full-time in-between whatever adventures come my way. Since I've...

Invisible Chai.

Welcome to the new offices of Hot Chai Productions!

Writing software is not interesting.

Writing an original computer program ranks as the 3rd least attractive form of human creativity to a potential mate.

Hot Chai Productions is interesting.

My first day as a full-time entrepreneur!

Microsoft employee #44995 has left the building.

So what do you do on the last day of an 18-year career at Microsoft? Well, if you're me, you wipe your machines, visit Bill Gates' chunk of the Berlin Wall, grab another free lunch and some inspiration at a talk about Code for America,...

My Microsoft job is not interesting.

As you may have read, I have been summarily dismissed by my ex as "boring". Well, I think I've discovered part of the problem. This is a picture of me, corporate coding dweeb at Microsoft. I stare at a screen, occasionally type in some gibberish, and try...