Hotel Prius needs renovation.


Hotel Prius looks like it was constructed haphazardly with remnant materials that the good hotels discarded.

That’s because it was.

However, it has kept me warm and safe overnight at a few truck stops now, so I can complain.

A great big thank you to Grandma Starr, who sewed the Hotel Prius curtains for me! I feel like I’m in one of my cozy childhood forts in here.

Don’t get me wrong. This is far from luxury. There isn’t even enough room to sit up, and I’m surrounded by piles of disorganized chaos that I never got around to packing properly.

But I get a decent night’s sleep, and that’s what counts!

The weather has been nothing short of perfection. Sunny and beautiful, not too hot, not too cold.

This is ideal given that it takes me about 30 minutes outside the car to set up and tear down the hotel every day.

So thankful!



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