Malta Breve.


My sister Anita and I headed out one brisk morning last November to a coffee shop in Kalona, Iowa.

Just as we walked up to the door, I saw the smiling face of my cousin Eve coming around the corner.


We settled in for some cozy mocha breve’s.

“It’s too bad your café in Malta is closed now”, I said. “I was planning to come over there and help you out!”

“Are you serious?”, she said, “Because we need someone to re-open it.”

And that’s how I ended up on this flight to Malta.



  1. I have landed at the airport in Malta on my way back from Bulgaria. And of course the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked there. I would say watch out for snakes but they are probably extinct by now. The Maltese are descended from the ancient Phoenicians.

    • I have to learn more about the Apostle Paul’s landing here. A local told me that there is evidence that he may have landed right outside the Happy Hive in Marsaskala, rather than St. Paul’s Bay where it’s traditionally said he landed. I haven’t researched it yet myself.

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