John Lennon is my new Bruce Lee

Imagine. No more meaningless circles.


One of the highlights of my runs in Seattle was running across Bruce Lee’s grave.

It was at the peak of my climb up Capitol Hill and the goal of my every run.

Made it! Respect to Bruce Lee.

If I could just make it to Bruce Lee’s grave, the rest of the run was downhill.


Scenes from Enter the Dragon would play through my mind as I dragged myself up that grueling climb.

They gave me the boost I needed to get to the top.

Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon

Now I run in Central Park, which is awesome.

It’s always full of interesting people and beautiful scenery.

These folks inexplicably don’t like the statue of Columbus that looms over the entrance to Central Park

But lovely as Central Park is, I just didn’t get the same sense of satisfaction I used to experience when I reached my goal at Bruce Lee’s grave.

I was simply running in a big circle leading right back to where I started—a little depressing to me.

But this week, everything changed.

I finally realized I’ve been running right by Strawberry Fields and the Imagine┬ámemorial to John Lennon.

And, it’s at the top of the hill at the peak of my run!

Yay! A destination!


A measure of progress!

I hope the Beatles fans don’t mind too much if I still imagine Bruce Lee when I cross that mark.



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