Dojji Ball Meets Players!

Yesterday I took Dojji Ball to the Playcrafting Winter Game Expo in Times Square, NYC. I didn't have anything fancy. No sign, no business cards, nothing. Just me, my laptop, and a couple of iPads. I was there simply to find out what people thought of my new game.

The Dojji Ball Story


Ting! Ting!

Fire. Fire.

I’m Your Daisy



Macy’s Parade.

Hello the States.

Egg Gathering.

Meet Eric & Sal.

We met Eric and Sal at one of our favorite late night sushi places in Manhattan and bonded over the quality of the tuna...

Bruce Lee is interesting.

One of the many interesting things about the cemetery where I run is that it's the resting place of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. Their...

Henry and Ila

Speakeasy’s are secretly interesting.

I didn't even know what a speakeasy was until I visited Knee High Stocking Company...

Four Corners.

I get intimidated by the weirdest things. Like asking someone to take my picture standing in four states at once.

Sip, no bibble.

I'm back at Bibble & Sip!

The Grassy Hopper of Valletta.

Say hi to Nastia and James of The Grassy Hopper!

Café Mojo

I stopped in to Café Mojo in Winslow before hitting the road.

Frisson Espresso.

I really wanted to like this place. Super cozy, great ambience, friendly staff, people watching, tucked...

Snow Crash Reality.

Lately, American politics has been getting through my filters. My Facebook friends on both extremes of the political spectrum switched from inundating my feed with...

Soldier or Scout?

Bitcoin Cheat Sheet.

Bitcoin for Smarties.

I Had a Dream Last Night


Sorrycuse Houseboy.


Dangles the Icy Carrot.

Jumpy Friends Strategery.


Jumpy Friends Journey

The Metagame.

A Succinct Dictionary.

Invisible Chai.