Jumpy Friends Strategery.

I thought I had written everything there was to write about Jumpy Friends. And then I wrote this. Strategery? Really? You might think that a game that...

Jumpy Friends Journey

I Understand Women!

Bitcoin Voting.



Who is John Muir?


Bruce Lee is interesting.

One of the many interesting things about the cemetery where I run is that it's the resting place of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. Their...

Bob & Rudy’s Christmas Garage.

Mom jumped on her bike and headed out into the night with dad and I trailing behind. She was on a mission to visit the...

Henry and Ila

An Afternoon With Mom.

Napoleon is more interesting at Epcot.

Today, I went on a mission to re-assess the Napoleon at Le Panier, the self-proclaimed...

Bibble & Sip

Where I finally find drinkable espresso in Manhattan.

Homolovi State Park.

I visited Homolovi State Park near Winslow, Arizona.

The Rhino Room sure is interesting!

The Rhino Room is definitely way out of my comfort zone, which made it perfect...

Arizona, land of mesas.

When I first laid eyes on the Arizona desert, I thought I was on Mars.

Four Corners Market

My favorite thing at Four Corners was the market.

Public restrooms are an interesting travesty.

I consider myself to be an uncertified expert in the field of public restrooms.

Jehova’s Soldiers?

Life Giver.

Some will refuse.

I Had a Dream Last Night


Sorrycuse Houseboy.


Dangles the Icy Carrot.