The Catch-22 Game Tutorial

I know exactly what's going through your mind when you open my game for the first time. I can see it happening in your brain. As...

Dojji Ball Meets Players!


The Dojji Ball Story


Ting! Ting!

Fire. Fire.




I settled down for a small pastry appetizer plate at Pasticceria Rocco. The pastries were amazing, but paled next to Giannina who sat at the...

Patrick Warburton is non-stop interesting.

Today, I went to Emerald City Comicon with some friends who had never gone before. It's always fun to see how they react to the...

Meet Eric & Sal.

Subway Recognition.

Henry and Ila

Florida Cut.

Sip, no bibble.

I'm back at Bibble & Sip!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Of course we had to stop to gawk at the majestic architecture of St. Patrick's...

Bibble & Sip

Where I finally find drinkable espresso in Manhattan.

Café Mojo

I stopped in to Café Mojo in Winslow before hitting the road.

Four Corners.

I get intimidated by the weirdest things. Like asking someone to take my picture standing in four states at once.

Cemeteries are peacefully interesting.

Cemeteries inspire me. When I need motivation for a run, I just think about the beauty...

Soldier or Scout?

Do you have the mindset of a soldier or scout? Check out this TED Talk by Julia Galef! Here's the description to whet your appetite: Perspective is...

Bitcoin Voting.

Some will refuse.

The Case of Missing Socks.

Snow Crash Reality.

I Had a Dream Last Night


Sorrycuse Houseboy.


Dangles the Icy Carrot.

I’m Your Daisy

Jumpy Friends Strategery.

The Metagame.

A Succinct Dictionary.

Invisible Chai.