I Understand Women!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Sorry. That's ridiculous. But, I think I made some real progress today! After mocking some guy trying to explain Bitcoin to his girlfriend the other day, I...

Bitcoin Voting.

Bitcoin for Smarties.

I Had a Dream Last Night



The winds are a-changin’.

Tangled up in Boone.

Cliff-Dwellers Dream.

Chris the Philosopher.

Meet Chris, philosopher at heart and car rental agent by day. You just never know what unexpected things you're going to find out about someone...

Bruce Lee fans are interesting!

Last time I met some people on my runĀ at Bruce Lee's grave, I was disappointed afterward that I didn't learn anything about them. Not so...

Neighbor Thomas.

Kailey of Talia.

Florida Cut.

The Grassy Hopper of Valletta.

Say hi to Nastia and James of The Grassy Hopper!

Homolovi State Park.

I visited Homolovi State Park near Winslow, Arizona.

Oh Savannah.

"There goes Grandpa!", said my niece. "Huh?", I said rather eloquently. I was feeling proud of myself...

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Of course we had to stop to gawk at the majestic architecture of St. Patrick's...

Bibble & Sip

Where I finally find drinkable espresso in Manhattan.

Guinness at Fados is not interesting.

I went out to Fados Irish Pub for St Patrick's Day. It was packed, of course,...

Soldier or Scout?

Do you have the mindset of a soldier or scout? Check out this TED Talk by Julia Galef! Here's the description to whet your appetite: Perspective is...


Snow Crash Reality.

Some will refuse.

Life Giver.


Sorrycuse Houseboy.


Dangles the Icy Carrot.


My Name Has A Disease.