My Microsoft job is not interesting.


As you may have read, I have been summarily dismissed by my ex as “boring”.

Well, I think I’ve discovered part of the problem.

This is a picture of me, corporate coding dweeb at Microsoft.

I stare at a screen, occasionally type in some gibberish, and try to stay awake at status meetings.

Why do I do this?

So other poor dweebs at their corporations can stare at my product on their screen, type in their gibberish, and try to stay awake at their status meetings.

I am an incredibly boring corporate zombie, and I’ve been working since 1997 to spread the boring corporate zombie disease around the world.

The vision of a corporate zombie at every desk is nearly complete.

The good news is that the passion I’ve had for software since childhood has survived the zombie onslaught.

In fact, it’s burning hotter than ever.

And it’s finally forcing me to leave Microsoft.

To be around other passionate and interesting people who have escaped the disease.

To do. To be. Not just more. But more interesting.



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