Mark and Silas.

Amish school teachers

Mark has been an Amish school teacher for ten terms now.

He’s retired a couple of times, but keeps coming back.

This is his favorite school.

Silas was once Mark’s student, so if he makes a mistake he can always blame Mark for it.


Silas is arguably the most traveled Amish in the area.

He’s certainly seen more of the world than I have.

Conversation with two was fascinating in how it was so normal.

They were just good, friendly people.

There was just one awkward moment when Ila told them I wanted to take their picture.

Personal photographs are considered by the Amish to be a violation of the second commandment in the Bible.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.” -Exodus 20:4

They were too polite to bluntly say “no”, but they certainly weren’t saying “yes”.

Ila told me to quick take a picture while they were talking to her, and it was over in about 2 seconds. I’m getting quick with the camera.

I hope this isn’t too offensive.

Ila made me do it!



Silas pumping air into a gas lamp

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