Crazy Chef.

I walked down the Marsaskala waterfront, looking for a bite to eat. Crazy Chef Kebabs! Sounds delicious. "A chicken kebab, please." The Crazy Chef got out a pita bread. Ok, the kebab comes with bread? Nice! "What kind of salad would you like with that?" Oh! It comes with a salad,...

Brûlée Egg Tart of Dreams.

Sadly, it's my last morning in NYC. But what's this? A new discovery in the pastry case of delights at Bibble & Sip? Why have I never seen this Brûlée Egg Tart before? One bite and I knew exactly why. It's so delicious it's been banned in 49 states. -D

Bibble & Sip

Where I finally find drinkable espresso in Manhattan.

Frisson Espresso.

I really wanted to like this place. Super cozy, great ambience, friendly staff, people watching, tucked in a neighborhood off the main drag. Everything I love in a coffee shop. But sadly, no amount of great coffee shop can make up for a really bad cup of...

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Of course we had to stop to gawk at the majestic architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral. But wait… the doors were open! I dragged Kailey over to take a peek inside. Next thing I know, we're sitting in a pew right near the front, waiting for mass...

World’s Largest Truck Stop.

Of course I couldn't pass up the World's Largest Truck Stop on my way out of Iowa.


I reach my destination in Florida.

Will the real Santa Fe please stand up?

Santa Fe is a fake. A real travesty.

Four Corners Market

My favorite thing at Four Corners was the market.

Arizona, land of mesas.

When I first laid eyes on the Arizona desert, I thought I was on Mars.