Writing software is not interesting.


According to recent research published in Scientific American, of all of the forms of human creativity studied, “writing an original computer program” ranks as the 3rd least attractive to a potential mate.


Let that sink in for a moment.

Writing software ranks below such scintillating activities as “Exterior decorating” and “Applying math in an original way”.

This explains a lot.

And the most attractive?

Playing sports, of course!

It’s the age-old jocks versus nerds dilemma.

But don’t panic, my fellow nerds! It’s not all bad news.

The #2 most attractive activity is “Taking a date on a spontaneous road trip”, which is something even a software developer should be able to manage.

Or how about “Making a clever remark” at #4?

Or maybe¬†“The taking of artistic photographs” at #7?

There’s hope for us yet!


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