Seattle was the most interesting.

Seattle was interesting.

Earlier this evening I said goodbye to H, finished throwing things in the car, made the usual wrong turn, and a few U-turns later I was heading east.

I have not wanted this day to come.

I have pretended that it wasn’t real and procrastinated until the very last moment.

I am excited to head east to spend time with my family, but I have left behind everything.

It wasn’t so long ago that I had a reasonably successful career at Microsoft, a beautiful home I could call my own in the best place to live on earth, and a beautiful woman that I planned to marry.

Tonight, I’m sleeping alone in my car at a truck stop.

What have I done?



  1. You have lots of holes to fill in, my interestingly free-spirit friend! And I’m still waiting for that interesting conversation with a stranger. . .

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