An interesting choral surprise.

Choral Performance at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

This afternoon I visited Salt Lake City, Utah.

First a walk around Liberty Park.

Then a walk around the LDS temple square.

I noticed a crowd dressed up for an evening out. They were all heading into the same building.

Since I’m in the habit of wearing a button-down shirt and good shoes now, I slipped into the crowd and fit right in.

It turned out to be a choral performance.

I read my book during the tedious bits and enjoyed the brilliant bits.

“No photos during the performance”, they said.

“Is this part of the performance?”, I asked the elderly usher during a droning introductory bit.

“Make it quick.”


My favorite part was the organ solo.

I love pipe organs. And this one is gargantuan.

I don’t think it was really pushed to its glorious capacity by the piece, but it still got a standing ovation.

I snuck out a bit early to head south in search of my next truck stop.


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