Writing software is not interesting.

Writing an original computer program ranks as the 3rd least attractive form of human creativity to a potential mate.

Invisible Chai.

Welcome to the new offices of Hot Chai Productions!

I’m Your Daisy

Dojji Ball was supposed to be a quick project. But I'm liking it and the gameplay is getting good feedback, so I'm putting more time into it. I wrangled a new playtester at Alley yesterday,...

Jumpy Friends Strategery.

I thought I had written everything there was to write about Jumpy Friends. And then I wrote this. Strategery? Really? You might think that a game that involves blindly tapping on the screen has no strategery. But you'd be wrong. And maybe you're used to that. But let's move...

Jumpy Friends Journey

Everything there is to know about my game Jumpy Friends. Everything.

Hot Chai Productions Productions

The skinny on Hot Chai Productions productions. What's going on?