Malta Breve.

"It's too bad your café in Malta is closed now", I said.

The day the Happy Hive died.

The beginning of the end for the Happy Hive.

Truck stop showers sure interest me.

My first truck stop shower was luxurious.

Certified Magical. I've written about that suburb of Disney called Florida once before. And about the Disney secret that, in reality, there's nothing magical waiting around the next corner. Unless you consider sweaty screaming kids to be magical. Well, I stand corrected. I recently visited Epcot to watch my mom...

Camping at Kalaloch is more interesting in a tent.

The thing about having an office at a wild beach is that it eventually gets dark and very cold and you have to camp.

Baby Root has interesting pots.

Last weekend I stood with H in front of the Baby Root booth at the Mill Creek Festival talking to hundreds of people about air plants, succulents, cactus, and hand-made concrete pots. I heard a voice from heaven speak to me and say, "I like...

Turkey wrangling.

In which I help to wrangle Henry's Thanksgiving turkeys.

The Orb of Manlius.

This is an actual photo of an orb I captured earlier tonight in my favorite cemetery not far from Sorrycuse, NY where I'm staying with my cousin. As I was walking 'twixt the tombstones in the blackness, I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my...

Inside Old Oraibi!

I stepped out of my car in the village of Old Oraibi.

Heartbreak in The Little Painted Desert.

I noticed this handsome fella lying on a table in the shade.