Stone Cold Typo.


I went to see yet another church in Malta.

I think this one was in Mdina.

I spent most of my time there trying to read the Roman numeral dates on the tombs that were the floor of the place to see which one was the oldest.

But then I came across this inscription carved in stone.

I couldn’t help but notice there was a typo right in the center of the thing.

Can you imagine the poor guy who spent months carving all of that detail?

“Mary, my love, at long last I have completed the commission which the church hast bestowed on me in its infinite wisdom. ‘Tis my finest accomplishment and shalt be on display for the devout to admire for centuries to come! What dost thou think of thy beloved Josephus now?”

“Um… Josephus, dear, isn’t that supposed to read “EFFUDERINT”?


“Oh please do calm thyself, dearest Josephus, ’tis not so bad. Lo and behold! We shall fix it with a little whiteout and a Sharpie, and none shall be the wiser.”


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