The Orb of Manlius.


This is an actual photo of an orb I captured earlier tonight in my favorite cemetery not far from Sorrycuse, NY where I’m staying with my cousin.

As I was walking ‘twixt the tombstones in the blackness, I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye.

“Probably hunters”, I thought, “Don’t look like a target.”

(I see deer here a lot. They brandish their white tails at me as they bound off to the darker parts of the cemetery.)

Another flash.

Then some tittering.

Ah. Kids.

I was dressed in black from head to toe, so I figured what better opportunity?

I glided silently between the stones as the kids shone their flashlights all around, laughing nervously.

Then, the laughing stopped as I glided past them and into the shadows.


And a good story they’ll take home tonight, I’m sure!

Ah yes, the cemetery is always a good time.


Speaking of good times, I have a proposition.

If you cross around behind an innocent-looking mound of grass and trees on the southwest side of the cemetery, you’ll find a stone wall built into the side of the hill back in the early 1800’s.

Set into that wall is a very large iron door.

With a small padlock keeping it shut.

Ah, you know where this is going, don’t you?

I want to know what’s inside.

No, I have a genuine need to know what’s inside.

And nobody was thoughtful enough to post a sign with an explanation.

So obviously I need to go down there in the middle of the night and open that door.

Just to make sure everything inside checks out.

But I’d like a partner.

You know, to notify my next of kin if I don’t make it back.

Are you in?



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