Sorrycuse Houseboy.


Today my houseboy duties for Robert and Linda come to a close.

Since I arrived, the sweaty summer has gone, leaves have fallen and been jumped into, cheesecakes galore made and consumed, ribs grilled and eaten by the hundreds, along with countless of cups of coffee and heavy cream.

Cemeteries have been walked, trees cut and stacked, guns fired, State Fair visited, cows birthed.

Thanksgiving has been enjoyed, daily dishes washed and put away, refrigerator and kitchen organized, birds fed, toilet installed, cousins met, pictures colored, and games played.


Black Friday has been shopped, a house sold, 3 feet of snow shoveled, 75 miles run, Christmas tree and outside lights installed, holiday music played.


A new cross-platform app engine has been built, Sooner Or Later has been ported to Windows 10 and SpeedWords to Windows 8, two original new games have been invented and prototyped, new business cards designed and ordered, and a podcast started.

It’s been an interesting and productive few months!

How quickly I’ve grown used to the routine and my commute down the stairs to the kitchen office.

Time to change it up again.

Thanks Robert & Linda!



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