Today, on American Thanksgiving Day, I’m thankful for countless things.

My family, my friends, my work.

And all of the things I take for granted every day that make my life so luxurious.

Like hot showers.

Today, Robert is responsible for the turkey.

We have 10 guests on the way.

The same guests from the turkey disaster last year, back to give Robert one last chance.

Linda and I were in the kitchen enjoying tea and coffee and a little breakfast cornbread.

Suddenly Robert yelled from the basement.

“Turn off the water!”

“Why?”, I asked.

“There are turds floating in the basement!”, he said.

We spent the next few hours elbows-deep in sewage pipes and toilets.

And by “we”, I mostly mean Robert.


He has literally been hosed down with raw sewage from head to toe for 3 hours straight.

No luck.

The sewage will only flow onto the basement floor.

It will not go down the drain.

We don’t have the right tools or parts, and of course, every hardware store is closed today.

Time to call the guests and move everyone to Aunt Helen’s for dinner.

Though we did manage to spatchcock the turkey and get it on the grill.


It will be at least an hour late for dinner, but hey, that’s better than last year, and everyone came back this year, right?

So today, I’m especially thankful for working sewage drains.


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