I’ve secretly always wanted to be a bad boy.

It comes from growing up geek.


The girls always went for the much-romanticized bad boys.

It wasn’t until years after they’d been mistreated, used and abused, that they finally seemed to figure out that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.

The upshot is that nice guys are relegated to the aftermath of damaged psyches and usually an extra kid or two in need of a dad.

I’ve always wanted to be more appealing to the pristine, undamaged psyche.

And the criteria seems to be “bad boy”.

But like George Costanza, try as I might, I just had that smell of geek that women seemed to easily detect.

All that changed the other day.

I was weathering a storm of insults.

No home, no job, no car, no driver’s license.

You know, the usual.

And then it happened.

She called me a vagabond.

A vagabond!

And she seriously meant it as an insult.

This feels like authentic bad boy material to me.

I have arrived!

There’s just one little catch nagging in the back of my mind.

She’s the type that occasionally gets similar words mixed up. (Someone really should name that condition.)

I have the sneaking suspicion that she may have meant “vagrant”.

Which would be a lot less flattering in my book.

But she said “vagabond”, and I’m claiming it.



  1. Vagabond is not flattering but very fitting for the stage of life for you; definitely embrace it. I actually envy your current freedom but after living a vagabondish kind of life, as I moved across country and globe the past few decades, I am ready to grow some roots. So be a vagabond, be a bad boy and have as many adventures as you can; life’s too short not to write your own great story!

  2. Thanks, Tim! Good advice! I imagine I’ll put down roots again someday, but yes, for now I’m really enjoying the adventures of a vagabond as I take this risk to see if I can make a living and have my freedom, too! 🙂 Though sometimes I envy my deeply-rooted former self, so be sure to enjoy this part of your life as well!

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