Florida Cut.


This is Mindy (right) and Vanessa (left) after I got my first haircut outside of Seattle.

Mindy is the owner and Master Stylist at Salon M of Punta Gorda.

She’s got an accent from Maryland but has lived here since she decided to move on a whim at 19.

She thoroughly convinced me to never visit Jamaica, with its even more unbearable heat and its swarming mosquitoes snapping and buzzing hungrily just outside the mosquito netting.

And she gave me a real scare after the first buzz cut up the side.

She said to just trust her, but her slightly mischievous grin said otherwise.

Oh well, I was committed at that point.

I have to say, I do feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m a happier man for it.

Thanks, Mindy!


Florida Cut

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