Tangled up in Boone.


I hit the road hard all day and made it back to North Carolina for a storybook fall day.

Crisp. Clear. Sunny. Crunchy.

Did a little (very little) writing at Talia, got reacquainted with a vacuum, and kidnapped Kailey for sushi in Boone.

Sidenote: I vividly remember a point in my childhood where I believed I could correctly spell any word in the English language. I challenged anyone to stump me at the dinner table, and my dad hit me with the word “vacuum”. For the life of me, I just could not come up with the double “U”. A good lesson in humility. Yes, there was once a word that I could not spell.

Sushi was awesome, as was the band playing a studio-quality rendition of “Tangled Up in Blue”.

I know that’s a feat because I’ve gotten blisters from playing it in Rock Band.

After the better part of an hour at the pool table, we managed to get all the balls in the pockets.

Back outside, a gale force wind was blowing.

Like it picked up a sandwich board from the local kava dispensary and flung it at my car.

By now, I know what that means.

Back on the road again.

This time, though, I think I’m heading directly into the storm.


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