The Grassy Hopper of Valletta.


Say hi to Nastia and James of The Grassy Hopper!

These two were such a pleasure to meet, and Nastia even made me the Golden Milk drink that my mom makes, using fresh turmeric (which I’ve never had) and my favorite Aroy-D coconut milk!

If you’re ever in Valletta for lunch, this is the place to go for sure.

The food is delicious and healthy.

As I think you’ll find, it’s pretty difficult to find healthy food at a restaurant in Malta.

The explanation I’ve beenĀ given is that people eat healthy at home and then want to indulge when they go out.

I haven’t experienced the home part, but I can tell you that most Maltese dishes I’ve found involved a lot of bread and meat and were usually fried.

Tasty, yes, but it’s a realĀ relief for the gut to find some high quality healthy dishes at the Grassy Hopper.

And their coffee and dessert is really good, too!


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