The Bar.


I manage a café with a bar now.

I struggle with that.

Feeding people’s addictions.

Recently, a wise and experienced man offered me a justification.

“We need to meet people where they’re at. Bring them in any way we can. Then we can help them”, he said.

“It’s better that they drink here in a safe environment, rather than somewhere else.”

It sounded good.

Real good.

Yes! I’m actually doing good by selling an addictive depressant to people who desperately want it.

But wait a second.

If I follow this logic to its conclusion, we would become the best place in town for illicit sex, drugs, alcohol, and all of the latest addictive vices.

A Christian Sin City.


Imagine you start a music café.

Your idea is to create a good, wholesome, healthy, friendly environment.

A place where people can eat good food. Listen to good live music. Feel welcome.

You start this café in a culture where everyone drinks alcohol.


They start nursing their young with Cisk at 2 weeks.

In order to survive, you offer some beer, but only high-quality import and specialty brews.

They’re priced high, so the café doesn’t become a place to come to get drunk.

You just want to host guests who really appreciate the finer aspects of a quality craft brew.

But the locals are offended if you don’t offer their own brews, so you add a few cheaper local beers.

Then the Irish show up and really want some Irish coffee.

You want to please them, too, so now you have some whiskey on hand.

Then you get some requests for some basic mixed drinks.

No problem, you have some whiskey on hand, so you can mix up a Jack and Coke.

Then you don’t have quite enough variety for the next cocktail request.

So you get a little more liquor.

The next thing you know, people are coming to the café to drink cocktails, do shots, and yes, get drunk.

And it’s profitable.

Probably the only thing that keeps the café going financially.

So where is this going?

Where’s the line?

Have you crossed into Sin City yet?



  1. Line? By today’s (worldly) standard, there is none. For the Christian…that’s in the bible – the best selling book of all time and world-renowned. The bible gives clear direction on the black and white stuff (i.e. drunkenness is a sin)…and gives personal liberty on other stuff. Remember…for the ‘other stuff’ it maybe ok for me to do it, but not ok for you to do it. Your conscience guides the path on the ‘other stuff’ – and never go against that. If you think it’s ok, but your friend would destroy himself (i.e. violate his conscience) if he did the same, then for goodness sake don’t put that in front of your friend…after all, he’s your friend. If your friend goes against his nature (that conscience thing again), for goodness sake, remind him…after all, he’s your friend. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. None of us has a license to judge one another – but if your friend asks for the truth, honestly is the best policy.

    Be guided by one thing and one thing only: agape. Jesus talks about that in the bible – a much better friend than I.

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