Alright, Malta.


“Alright, Malta.”

Those are the words I say every morning when I leave the flat.

And if you’ve ever heard Seinfeld greet his nemesis with “Hello, Newman“, you know exactly how I say it.

Followed by either, “What have you got for me today?” or “Bring it on!” or maybe just “Grr”.

And oh does Malta bring it.

The last time Ben & Eve reopened the Happy Hive, they posted a note on Facebook and were absolutely swamped with guests.

People couldn’t even get in the door.

So when Eve asked if she should post on Facebook, I said no for the first couple of days we were open, just to be sure we could handle the crowd.

When my confidence was up, I told Eve we were ready and she put out the word.

I braced myself for the frenzy.


Not even crickets.

Not the next night, either, or the next.

So, add one more challenge to the stack.

Time to find an audience for the Happy Hive!



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