A Trailer in the Woods.


On the long drive back from NYC, we were about to pass close to where I grew up.

Kailey said she’d be up for a drive-by, so off we went.

It was dark by the time we arrived, but with the headlights I could see the trailer in the foothills of the Adirondack’s where I spent most of my childhood.

Kailey said it looked like I was part of a cult.

I think that was pretty much the sentiment of the little town nearby, too.

I have some amazing memories from that now abandoned place.

Exploring the hundred-acre woods, building forts and life-long friendships.

Print shop, business office, chapel, kitchen, cafeteria food, matron duty, basement, mirrors, catamaran, coffee, cowboy cookies, Commodore 64.

Stories for another time, perhaps.




  1. I thought this looked familiar! I have some great memories of the place too…. don’t forget the tunnel and tubing down the sand dunes! =)

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