Trekking to Riverside.


Say hello to Gary and Gayle.

I met them where they volunteer at the Star Trek museum in Riverside, Iowa.

Yes, the Riverside where Captain Kirk will be born on March 22, 2228.

Gary knows everything about Star Trek and can tell you about all of the actors who have visited town.

He is a walking encyclopedia of Star Trek knowledge.

I’m pretty sure that Gayle, on the other hand, is wondering what all of this Star Trek fuss is about and why everyone keeps asking her so many personal questions about Spock and Vulcan culture in general.

Gary claims the people of Riverside are ancestors of the future Enterprise crew.

I can surely see Bones in Gary’s lineage, but I just cannot place Gayle.

If you’re in the vicinity June 24-25, engage warp speed directly to Riverside, Iowa for Trek Fest 2015!

And you’re all invited to Captain Kirk’s birthday party at Murphy’s Bar and Grill in March.

As for me, I’m engaging warp drive back to North Carolina.

There’s a nasty snow storm due in a few hours.


Downtown Riverside, Iowa


Trekfest parade float outside the museum


Birthplace marker, Captain James T. Kirk


Murphy’s Bar & Grill, location of Captain Kirk’s birthday party

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