Some will refuse.


During today’s ruminations I concluded that some people will simply refuse to pursue their potential.

It’s not about ability.

It’s not about means.

It’s not about education.

It’s not about opportunity.

It’s a plain and simple refusal.

You and everyone else can endlessly pour your life energy into encouraging, motivating and inspiring them to pursue the incredible potential that we all see in their life.

To zero effect.

It’s like pouring your precious supply of life energy out onto parched ground where it just melts away.

Every indication points to the conclusion that some simply prefer to wallow in their personalized and customized cesspool rather than make the effort to get out.

Maybe I’m sadly misshapen about their potential.

I don’t think so.

Maybe they’re simply missing some raw material necessary to ignite.

I choose not to believe that, either.

Angela Lee Ducksworth has researched this at length.

Her conclusion?

Some people have what she calls “grit”.

And some don’t.

Why? How?

Nobody knows.

Go forth and do.


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