Open for business!


High off the success of Baby Root, I’ve been dreaming of doing the same for my mom and sisters, who are incredibly talented artists.

Their creative energy has been poured into project after project, and their homes and gardens display treasure after treasure of hand-made genius.

But no market exposure.

A few days ago I got dragged along to Key City Antiques, which is an old furniture factory that has been converted into a huge market of vendors.

I thought it was just a bunch of rusty antique garage sales.


It turns out that Tom, the owner, is excited about bring more fine arts and hand-made crafts into the mall, which should go a long way toward brightening the place up for people who like that sort of thing (me).

So I signed us up and we had a table, a rug, and a few garden trellises in the booth by the end of the next day.

We went around the Springerle house, grabbed some stuff off the walls and mantel while brainstorming about the tons of new stuff that they could bring to the market.

And then yesterday, I hauled my favorites to the booth and hand-wrote and tied little strings on tags all afternoon.

And last night, my mom and sisters came up with a name.

Petals & Wings!


They’re in business!


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