Four Corners.


I get intimidated by the weirdest things.

Like asking someone to take my picture standing in four states at once, with an audience all waiting to get their picture.

When I arrived at Four Corners, I found out there was a $5 entrance fee, which is fine.

Except it was cash only, and I had spent all my cash at Old Oraibi.

The helpful lady at the entrance gave me directions to the nearest ATM.

“About 5 1/2 miles back, take a left, look for the trading post.”

Thankfully she had change when I got back a half hour later. I was all prepared to tell her, “There’s a trading postĀ about 5 1/2 miles backā€¦”

I took a photo of my feet in all four states and left.

Just as I was exiting, I changed my mind, put it in reverse, went back to face my fear and got this ridiculous picture.


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