Breakfast with a grand view.

Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge

Yesterday I was planning to go to the Painted Desert.

On the way I passed the road that leads to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve only been to the south rim.

So I detoured.

It was beautiful, peaceful and serene.

It was too late for me to get back on those desert roads in the dark.

Signs said the campground was full and that I mustn’t sleep in my car.

The lodge had a beautiful view of the canyon, and I really wanted to do breakfast there.

So I took a short hike to a viewpoint to watch the sunset.

A little rock scramble, zillions of photos, and off to the campground.

An available spot!

I drove around and couldn’t figure out the campsite in the dark, so I went back to the office to ask.

It was dark.

Sign said no vacancy. Ranger back in the morning.

I must have gotten the very last campsite!

So now you get this picture of my breakfast view.

I am blessed.


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