Somewhere in-between.


It’s really quite surprising to see how empty this country is in some places. Like eastern Washington, Idaho and especially Montana.

After living in the city for a while, it starts to seem like there isn’t enough room for everyone.

So in a way it’s reassuring to see miles and miles of hills and oxygen-producing trees with no one around.

And it’s kind of cool to drive 80 mph legally in Montana. 🙂

A big thank you to my friend B, who let me crash in his guest room after I moved out of my apartment so I could have a little more time to get things in order. A real lifesaver. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Seattle food, music and entertainment scene from a true connoisseur. It has really made me appreciate city life!

And I’ll miss mornings with B’s dad making masala chai and perusing the paper. Such a peaceful start to the day.

I had a rough idea that I was going to head south down the California coastline, but at the last minute decided to get on I-90 and head east.

So here I am at another truck stop somewhere in Montana, with a notion to see Old Faithful tomorrow and then head south to see some desert. (Why does that make my mouth water? Too close to dessert?)

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