Baby Root is more interesting on the beach.

Baby Root goes to the beach.

Last week H and I had enough of the booths.

So we threw some things in the car and hit the road for the rugged coast of Kalaloch.

The perfect opportunity to test out Hotel Prius, soon to become my new home.

We had no reservations of course, and the campground was completely booked months in advance.

(I’m guessing the popularity has something to do with the advertised amenities, which include a dog with every campsite.)

Thankfully, Hotel Prius came through when we found a beach-front spot that was reserved but deserted. So we answered to “Mr. & Mrs. Anderson” for the night. Perfect!

An especially delicious breakfast at the lodge topped off the trip, and back we went to the booths.

I’m calling Hotel Prius a complete success.

Though I’m pretty sure that H will prefer something a little less primitive for the 2-year anniversary of our first date, which is almost upon us.

Incredibly, it looks like we’ll spend it together.


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