Life Giver.


I was reading my typical adventure fantasy novel about an amazing warrior intensely trained in every skill from childhood.

His latest exploit entailed running a gauntlet of skilled assassins while protecting an entourage of three, all without killing his many attackers, and then challenging and easily disarming the undisputed guild master before returning his weapon.

The entire guild then pledged their fealty to this warrior and gave him their most honorary title–one never before bestowed upon a man.

What would you expect this title to be?

I imagined typical names that include “Death”, “Darkness”, “Slayer”, or some such combination like “Death-Bringer” or “God Slayer”, designed to inspire fear in the enemy.

But no.

The title bestowed on the most dangerous, skilled, and feared man known to history–a man that most could not even believe was a mere mortal–was…

“Life Giver.”


How does that inspire fealty from a guild of highly trained assassins?


This man was so indomitable, so invincible, so untouchable, that unlike any other, he could grant his enemies mercy and allow them to live.

Think about it.

“Life Giver.”

One who is more than capable of taking the life of all who dare oppose, yet who is so superior as to be able to afford mercy to even his greatest opponent without fear of reprisal.

An affordance that can be given only by one with true power.

What a picture of God Himself.

From such an unlikely source.



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