Jerma Palace Staff Meeting.


Today we all learned how to pull espresso shots and took them on a walk to discuss our menu plans.

The Happy Hive Café has a bit of an identity crisis.

It’s a lot of things: A music café (per the sign) with live bands, a bar with the best selection of import beers on the island, a restaurant with a full menu and an extensive selection of wines, a coffee shop with espresso and brewed coffee, and four volunteers to run it.

We need focus.

Our team has been wrestling specifically with the menu for the past week.

We had chosen a direction that had us all excited and felt right.

But today, doubt is creeping into the team.

So, we headed out for a walk along the beautiful coastline on a sunny day with incredibly deep blue skies.

Perfect for creative brainstorming.

We walked over to the Jerma Palace Hotel, which was abandoned in 2007.

It’s a huge elaborate structure that really seems out of place on this island.

It’s absolutely fascinating.

And has the best collection of graffiti I’ve ever seen.

From the first moment I saw Gollum holding the euro, I knew I was destined to meet the artist and discuss a graffiti piece for the Happy Hive.

So we got a little distracted.

But it was a much needed time of refreshment.

Tomorrow is the deadline for a decision.

I can’t wait to find out what it’s going to be.


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