Will the real Santa Fe please stand up?


Santa Fe is a fake. A real travesty.

I’m certain there is a fraud perpetrated by the government of New Mexico to falsify the real location of Santa Fe.

They have clearly hired Disney Imagineers to create the fake Santa Fe that I visited yesterday.

Am I supposed to believe that the floors of the multi-story garage are held up with the small wooden poles protruding from the walls?

Or that the painted-on cracks on the walls are real?

I mean, this stuff is great at Disney where it’s expected.

But at the real Santa Fe I expected something more authentic.

The only thing that’s old in this town are the parking meters that required me to feed in actual quarters.

And the only authentic experience I had here was the money box placed and manned just inside the entrance of the church.

I should have listened to the wind when it blew in, and headed east.

I’m listening now.


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