The 6-minute Aztec Ruins tour.


I was a little disappointed that I still haven’t been able to visit a cliff dwelling.

I decided to head for Santa Fe because, I don’t know. Because.

I saw Salmon Ruins by the side of the road, jumped out, and wasn’t impressed enough to take the tour.

But, a sign mentioned the “nearby Aztec Ruins”.


I looked it up and headed out.

As I walked in, the ranger stopped me to say that they were closing in 6 minutes.

I asked if I could just take a peek.

“Just the Grand Kiva and come right back.”


I took off, flipped on the video capture, ran through the entire place, including the individual rooms, and exited through the Grand Kiva with a minute to spare.


It was cool!

Now I need to go back and look at the video to see what I missed.


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