Napoleon is more interesting at Epcot.


Today, I went on a mission to re-assess the Napoleon at Le Panier, the self-proclaimed “Very French Bakery”.

I walked down to Pike Place Market, where lots of tourists head on their vacations.

Pause here for a second.

Yes, I walked here from my little studio on the hill.

How cool is that? I’m definitely getting hooked on life in the city.

But I digress.

This is what heaven smells like in the morning. For sure.

Buttery baked goodness.

I devoured my Napoleon outside on the street.

It was delicious, but no, still not up to the gold standard of Epcot. The pastry is just a little too soggy and the filling isn’t as flavorful from my memory.

However, the chocolate macarons are to die for. Better than Epcot.

And my personal favorite, the espresso éclair, is untouchable.

Now that we’ve settled that, it’s time to write some more Bluetooth code!

Can you believe this is my job now?

I can’t!


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