Rainn Wilson is interesting.

Rainn Wilson at MSPAC

Today, I listened to Rainn Wilson read an excerpt from his as-of-yet unpublished memoir (it was hilarious, and a little gross) and introduce us to the worthy cause of the Mona Foundation.

I’m now privy to the fact that Rainn’s bride arrived to their wedding in a canoe and that the first step in his acting career was an impersonation of Kermit the Frog speaking to Darth Vader on the Death Star (which he performed again today to the delight of the audience).

This should definitely impress a date someday, right?

I also learned some statistics about how educating women has a greater impact on reducing poverty than educating men, because unlike men who get an education and then leave for a job in the city, the women return to their villages and educate their friends and families.

And I’m impressed by the idea that the Mona Foundation finds and funds existing schools that have the support of a local community, rather than building a new school from scratch. They empower the people where they’re at, rather than building new schools and imposing western ideology on the people.

Has this moved the interesting needle at all?

I’m pretty sure that at the least, this was an improvement over sitting at my desk or stuffing my face, which is what I would have been doing otherwise.

On my way!


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