Haystacks No Carbs.


    Here at Robert’s place, I’m on the keto diet by default.

    Basically, I eat pork and cheese every day and wash it down with heavy cream.

    The upside is that my jeans do need to go down a size.

    The downside is that there are no cookies.

    It’s been over a month now, and I’m pretty desperate.

    I’ve researched zero-carb cookies, and they simply don’t exist.

    Unless you want some fish and egg-white cookies. Yum!

    So here’s my attempt at low-carb cookies.

    Dried unsweetened coconut, eggs, and some kind of freaky low-carb sugar substitute.

    I can’t explain the layer of goo under all of the cookies. It seems to leak out during the baking process.

    But the top o’ the stack is pretty good.

    Linda says I should separate out the bottom goo, coat it in baker’s chocolate, and call it bark.

    Two desserts for the price of one!

    So does it satisfy the cookie cravings?

    Um, no.


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