Florida Cut.

This is Mindy (right) and Vanessa (left) after I got my first haircut outside of Seattle. Mindy is the owner and Master Stylist at Salon M of Punta Gorda. She's got an accent from Maryland but has lived here since she decided to move on a...

Bruce Lee is interesting.

One of the many interesting things about the cemetery where I run is that it's the resting place of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. Their graves are at the very top of Capitol Hill, so I feel like just getting there is a real accomplishment and...

Lisa Fischer is an intensely interesting vocalist.

I just got back from a dramatic evening of music with Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton. The setting was intimate and the music was dramatic and sophisticated with both acoustic and electric guitar and bass sets, and a savant drummer laying down complex rhythms that kept us...

Patrick Warburton is non-stop interesting.

Today, I went to Emerald City Comicon with some friends who had never gone before. It's always fun to see how they react to the colorful and interesting (to say the least) original cosplay costumes, and the amazing artwork. I went to a panel with Patrick...


I settled down for a small pastry appetizer plate at Pasticceria Rocco. The pastries were amazing, but paled next to Giannina who sat at the table beside us. She never stopped smiling and laughing as her friend from Brooklyn jockeyed for position in the line for...

Mark and Silas.

Meet Mark and Silas, Amish school teachers.

Bob & Rudy’s Christmas Garage.

Mom jumped on her bike and headed out into the night with dad and I trailing behind. She was on a mission to visit the neighbors down the street who apparently had some lights. With that description, I certainly wasn't prepared for what I saw when...

Bruce Lee fans are interesting!

Last time I met some people on my run at Bruce Lee's grave, I was disappointed afterward that I didn't learn anything about them. Not so this time! A man on a business trip to Seattle wanted to have a look around town before he heads back...

Neighbor Thomas.

The day after I arrived in Wilkesboro, Thomas introduced himself as our neighbor. And mentioned that he had mowed the lawn while my parents were in Florida.

Kailey of Talia.

Kailey swore she would never return to Wilkesboro.