Favorites 2015.

My favorite posts from 2015!

Hanging up the Ducky.

So I planned to write my task management book in November as my way of participating in NaNoWriMo. I got off to a good start and then a lot of life happened. And a whole lot more coming up fast. Failure on the writing front. So I'm hanging up...

Digital nomads are blowing my mind. Interesting.

I just came across an article about a guy who also quit Microsoft to do a startup. Not so interesting in itself, but he discovered that working while traveling is a great way to be more productive. And most importantly... wait for it... that it can actually...

Talia lets me down.

I came back to Wilkesboro with one thing on my mind.

Crazy can be interesting, too.

Late last night, I walked the streets of Capitol Hill literally talking to myself out loud. "She doesn't love you. She doesn't love you. She never loved you. She's not coming back." I said each one of those to myself out loud literally hundreds of times. I needed...

Betrayal, torture, and damnation are terribly interesting.

How do you go from saying "I love you" over and over every day for more than a year, shopping together for an engagement ring, and moving in together with the mutual understanding that the paperwork was a foregone conclusion, to #luckiestgirlintheworld with another guy...

Shattered and uninteresting.

One last taste of the deep satisfaction of H. Turned again to bitter hate. The thrill of tonight shattered. Spilled for another date. Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all? Clearly by one who never lost it all. She has a piece of my soul. And I don't know...

A sense of urgency.

I feel a very real and present sense of urgency. Time is so fleeting. So precious. I want to make the best of it that I can. But how? Let me tell you that writing a blog is helping. I really have to think about what I'm doing this week...

The Christmas of March used to be interesting.

H's birthday is this Wednesday. The Christmas of March. This is going to be a tough one. I had something all picked out for her this year. She would have been so in love with it. I debate giving it to her anyway. A lot. I won't. I think. -D

A most interesting day.

This morning, I woke up to my phone ringing and I could hardly believe it. It was H. She said she missed me terribly and we agreed to meet for lunch. We had a deeply heartfelt conversation and decided we just couldn't bear to live without each...