Today, on American Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful for countless things. My family, my friends, my work. And all of the things I take for granted every day that make my life so luxurious. Like hot showers. Today, Robert is responsible for the turkey. We have 10 guests on the...

Favorites 2015.

My favorite posts from 2015!

State of the Adventure.

Time to take stock of where this little adventure has led thus far.

Heartbreak is devastatingly interesting.

For some reason, in a moment of weakness I was compelled to look at H's Instagram last night (I know, I know, such a bad idea). I knew she was dating, but seeing the love note there in full color still hit hard. #luckiestgirlintheworld She used to say that...

Digital nomads are blowing my mind. Interesting.

I just came across an article about a guy who also quit Microsoft to do a startup. Not so interesting in itself, but he discovered that working while traveling is a great way to be more productive. And most importantly... wait for it... that it can actually...

I will be more interesting.

I was recently dumped by a beautiful, fun young woman who I thought was "The One". One of her parting shots was that I was boring. Boring! Sadly, she was right. I've decided to do something about that. This is a blog about my quest to become more interesting. To write...

Sorrycuse Houseboy.

Today my houseboy duties for Robert and Linda come to a close. Since I arrived, the sweaty summer has gone, leaves have fallen and been jumped into, cheesecakes galore made and consumed, ribs grilled and eaten by the hundreds, along with countless of cups of...

Betrayal, torture, and damnation are terribly interesting.

How do you go from saying "I love you" over and over every day for more than a year, shopping together for an engagement ring, and moving in together with the mutual understanding that the paperwork was a foregone conclusion, to #luckiestgirlintheworld with another guy...

The Amazing Dave.

Try our pick up window. He's single again.

Ting! Ting!

"Ting!", sang the button as it burst off my jeans and into the street. "Ting! Ting!" I scrambled after it, dodging cars in the chaos of Manhattan. Why? It's...