Hope is interesting to kill.

How does one kill an unquenchable hope? It serves me so well. It's what makes me believe I'll succeed. Ignore the odds. But it can be misplaced. An unhealthy obsession—a waste of the short time I have to make a difference. Replace it with a new obsession? I know that would work. It's...

Talia lets me down.

I came back to Wilkesboro with one thing on my mind.

John Lennon is my new Bruce Lee

One of the highlights of my runs in Seattle was running across Bruce Lee's grave. It was at the peak of my climb up Capitol Hill and the goal of my every run. If I could just make it to Bruce Lee's grave, the rest of...

A Trailer in the Woods.

On the long drive back from NYC, we were about to pass close to where I grew up. Kailey said she'd be up for a drive-by, so off we went. It was dark by the time we arrived, but with the headlights I could see the...

My Name Has A Disease.

For as long as I can remember, I've been unjustifiably annoyed by chewing and smacking sounds. Now my condition has a name!

Betrayal, torture, and damnation are terribly interesting.

How do you go from saying "I love you" over and over every day for more than a year, shopping together for an engagement ring, and moving in together with the mutual understanding that the paperwork was a foregone conclusion, to #luckiestgirlintheworld with another guy...

State of the Adventure.

Time to take stock of where this little adventure has led thus far.


Today, on American Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful for countless things. My family, my friends, my work. And all of the things I take for granted every day that make my life so luxurious. Like hot showers. Today, Robert is responsible for the turkey. We have 10 guests on the...

Heartbreak Road.

I find myself once again heading down heartbreak road. Man, I hate that road.

Dangles the Icy Carrot.

Every so often as I'm contentedly pursuing my dream, I get a taste of what it might be like not to be solo.