Phoenix to Ashes.


This was supposed to be a post about the rebirth of the Happy Hive.

How we beat the odds, continuously reinvented ourselves and converged on a business model that actually works.

And I believe we did!

Nevertheless, the doors are closed for business today, and it looks like it’s for good this time.

But not because we failed.

On the contrary, in 60 days our little team re-opened a business that had lost money for more than a year and started paying the bills.

It involved constant, dramatic and painful change.

Lots of joy and heartache and bitterness and even some occasional fun.

The pieces clicked into place one by one last week.

A core team that was really beginning to gel.

A new volunteer team to run the kitchen during our latest transition.

A new full-time volunteer to help with table service and the bar.

A new full-time volunteer to coordinate the bands.

A business plan that could actually transform the place into a sustainable business that didn’t depend on volunteers.

So why did it close?

The official statement is this:

“From the inception of the Happy Hive Music CafĂ©, together with our legal counsel, we have worked with the MTA and ETC to find a solution for our unique business plan. Though initially it seemed possible and the agencies involved encouraged us to continue, we were recently informed that there is no solution, and so, regretfully, we have closed for business.”

Basically, it took a very long time for the government here to decide that we cannot run a business in Malta with American volunteers and for some reason they decided that now would be a good time to tell us so.


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