St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Of course we had to stop to gawk at the majestic architecture of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

But wait… the doors were open!

I dragged Kailey over to take a peek inside.

Next thing I know, we’re sitting in a pew right near the front, waiting for mass to start.

I sat next to the aisle so we could see what was going on behind the pulpit.

And I was pretty determined to hold my position and make people step over me to get to the inside, too.

That is, until Kailey pointed out that the older woman trying to push past me was dragging an oxygen tank.

Oops! Shame on me!

This was the second time in my life I had been to mass, so I had an idea how it goes.

Follow the program, stand, sit, kneel, repeat after the priest.

I’ve got this.

I couldn’t wait for the gigantic pipe organ to play, and I wasn’t disappointed.

But the most fascinating part of the experience was the “D”‘s.

The priest delivering the message had the most curious way of adding a “d” to the end of almost every word, as if’d he were’d putting’d everything’d in the past’d tense’d.

It was mesmerizing.


Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Daughter of New York

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