The cable that, interestingly, wasn’t there.


Today I hoofed it down to Seattle Coffee Works to work on an iPhone app.

MacBook. Check. iPhone. Check. iPhone cable…


The app requires a real device, so I was dead in the water.

And I could not have been happier.

Last Friday, I was at a pivotal point.

It was a beautiful day and I walked while I contemplated.

And walked.

Ten miles in my boots and the biggest blisters I have ever had on my feet.

I asked God for a sign.

And a real obvious one, because I should have been named Thomas when it comes to doubting and second-guessing.

Against all my better judgment and advice, I sent an email.

The series of events that followed is not even believable, so I won’t bother to describe.

In the end, nothing changed.

It may have even gotten worse.

But I am forever thankful for that moment in time.

And a missing iPhone cable.


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